Distribution Of Smokeless Choolahs

The traditional choolahs used for cooking in village homes generate smoke, harming woman’s eyes and lungs. Foundation has started a mission to provide Smokeless Choolahs to reduce consumption of firewood and preserve women health.

More than 800 Smokeless Choolahs have been distributed in 32 villages.

Self Help Groups

The main objectives behind setting up of Self Help Groups, is to enable women to come together, educate and satisfy monetary requirement of their family and get benefit of government schemes and start independent earning. The Foundation has promoted 81 Self Help Groups having total 871 members from 10 villages.

Self Help Groups have started the work of animal husbandry & house hold business with this money. This helps each member of the group to attain financial independence and generate regular monthly income.

Women Health Care Camps

Women Health Care Camps were organised in 6 villages of Lakhpat Taluka. 269 women were examined for gynaec and General Check-up and appropriate medical care provided to them.

Kitchen Garden

With the Introduction of Kitchen Garden, a family can grow vegetables & fruits for their daily needs. Under this scheme, the seeds or the plants of vegetables and fruits are distributed amongst the families. The people in the village sow these seeds, provide water through drip irrigation to these plants and get best benefit out of it.

Awareness In Children About Benefits Of Cleanliness

The school programmes like drawing or essay competition are arranged in the school under the Child Care Programme. Moreover, the children are made aware of cleanliness and other good habits which are necessary for good health and hygiene.