Message from The Chairman Of The Group And The Trustee


Kutchh region being highly earthquake, drought & cyclone prone, so cultural social & economical developments are always a hindrance. Ashapura Foundation took a step forward in rendering services to the people of Kutchh so as to keep the rich heritage intact, for the years to come.

In these years we have mainly concentrated on Water Harvesting, Agricultural Development, Animal Care, Promotion of Education, Relief & Rehabilitation, Women & Child Care and Rural Developments etc. Further, we wish to work seriously on employment related programmes, wherein we plan to organize good institution for the youngsters who aspire to make good marking in their professional career.

Ashapura Group has originated & blessed by the land of Kutchh & has grown high in terms of spreading its wings globally. We always feel honored, if we can reciprocate by rendering as much services as we can by promoting this state to international standard. In this way we can repay our debt to the soil & people of Kutchh. Though our efforts are modest but its truly satisfying at our hearts.