Aims and Objectives

Ashapura Foundation was established with an aim to carry out social, cultural and rural development activities in Kutchh District of Gujarat state in INDIA. Kutchh is the most rural in character, consisting of about 900 villages, spread over 40,000 sq km of area, known for its diversity of people, culture and geography. It lacks in basic amenities like water, power, communication etc. Besides this, it is a land of earthquakes, droughts and cyclones.

The foundation’s scope of rural development activities are the villages of Kutchh district. Because Ashapura Group’s commercial activities commenced from Kutchh, Gujarat.It is as a measure of gratitude towards Kutchh, the management embarked on fulfilling its social obligations in this area.The scope of rural development activities which started in 4 most backward and inaccessible villages of Kutchh district, now covers 101 villages spread over 2 Talukas of Lakhpat and Nakhatrana, which are still dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry as its occupation and the cattle population is more than the human population.

The Government of India and Gujarat have recognized Ashapura Foundation as its Project Implementing Agency (P.I.A) to carry out rural development projects of the Government.

Drought and Famines are regular features of this region. Out of every 4 years, 2 are famine/drought years. Rainfall is scanty and irregular.

Industrialization has very little input and as such, most of the population depends on agriculture and animal husbandry for their livelihood. Agriculture in Kutchh depends on rain. There are absolutely no major rivers flowing in this region.

We Therefore attempt to "Store" or "Recharge" into the ground, as much rain water as possible.