A great deal of man power is required to perform different programe activities in villages and the surrounding areas. Therefore, people of those villages are given preference, so that they can get employment and can be self reliant, at their village level itself. LOOSE BOULDER is an arrangement to stop the flowing water by creating a restraining wall, in which big dry boulders are placed one above the top of the other. Check Dam is constructed using cement and concrete. To construct such dam, masons and labourers are required. They are arranged from the near by villages and they get good wages for that.

In the making of Storage Tank basic digging work is done by the machines, whereas slope tracing and pitching work are performed by the labours. Similarly in the arrangement of Bori Bandh, bag filling work and bag arrangement are done by the labours, which are arranged locally from the near by village.

In short, Ashapura Foundation has created 2,30,350 mandays of employment for villagers at their door step, disbursing INR 15 Million of wages.