Construction of Overhead Water Tanks

Looking into the requirement of provision of water, 7 Overhead Water Tanks have been constructed with total

Water Storage capacity of 6,00,000 lakh litre Benefited 18,087 villagers of 7 villages.

Construction of Ground Level Water Tanks

33 Ground Level Water Tanks have been constructed with

Water Storage Capacity of 10,10,000 lakh Litre, benefited 17,252 villagers of 28 villages.


To ensure sufficient water supply to house, laid 82,311 meters of Water Pipelines of different diameters.

It has benefited 44,290 villagers of 46 villages.

Underground Sumps

To make the villagers self reliant, different activities are undertaken, such as construction of underground sumps for the water storage. In areas where, sufficient & excess water is available. These sumps are useful to the villagers when electricity or water is not available for 2-3 days.

7 Underground Sumps are constructed with Storage Capacity of 5,10,000 lakh litre. Benefited 18,532/- villagers of 7 villages.

Stand Posts

35 stand posts costing Rs. 2,60,275/- have been constructed for the 10,846 villagers of 19 villages

Solar System

Supply of water is possible for Sanganara village at 30 meters of height by Solar System, run by solar pump in hilly areas. The Solar System installed by the Foundation ensures free maintainance & consumption of electricty.

Solar System at Sangnara village of Nakhatrana taluka benefitied to 200 villagers

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

At Nakhatrana Taluka Seweage Treatment Plant was set up for filtration of sewage water and reuse for sprinkling in fields, vegetables and fruits garden.

Covering 10 villages with capacity to treat 15 lakh Litre per Day of Seweage.

R.O Plant

In many villages TDS of drinking water is very high (1500 to 1650) which is not potable. To reduce the TDS, R.O Plant is set up at Jiyapar village of Nakhatrana Taluka at main Road, hence 950 villagers of 7 villages are benefiting by purchasing pure drinking water @20 paise per litre on daily use and also on occasions of marriage & other functions.

Capacity 1000 litre/hour, where requirement of water for village Jiyapar is 900 litre/day Cost of Setup of R.O plant.


Sanitation is very essential to keep the cleanliness & hygiene. Importance & need for Public Sanitation was explained and encouraged to the villagers & school going girls and boys.

Constructed 78 individually sanitation facilities for 18 villages.Also constructed 6 sanitation for 4 villages, benefitted 5,879 villages.

Water Quality Testing

Foundation has covered 46 villages for explaining how to do the water testing & hence given awareness talk about contents of fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, purity – TDS of Drinking Water.

Water Chlorination

Villagers of 46 Villages were made aware about the use of chlorination in purifying water & explained how chlorination neutralized turbid bacteria & make it safe for drinking and free of water borne diseases. Awareness about chlorination benefited 55,370 peoples.

Wrm (Water Recharge Management)

Total Dam - 27
Total Water Capecity : 811 M. Lakh Lit.
Total Beneficiary : 27 Village, And 38800 Population

Renovation of Dam

Total No of Villages : 2 Villages
Total No. Of Dam Renovation : 4
Total Beneficiary : 34 Farmers & 170 Acers Land

WASMO - VAP (Village Action Plan)

Total ESR : Vilaage 7
Total Ground level Water Tank - 33, Village -28
Total Pipeline : 82,311 RMT, Village - 46
Total Underground Sump: 7, Village : 7
Total Beneficiary:98161 people