Message from Trustee

Message From The Executive Trustee - SHRI TUSHAR DEDHIA

As is well known - Kutchh district, against Human Population of approximately 12 Lakhs, it has cattle population of almost about
15 lacs . It is spread over 40,000 sq. km. of area and comprises of over 900 villages.Even today almost the entire rural population is dependent on agriculture & animal husbandry for their livelihood.Ashapura Foundation therefore started with schemes to make agriculture and animal husbandry remunerative for farmers and cattle owners and also make available basic necessities like safe and sure drinking water, sanitation etc. The efforts are to ensure that rural people earn enough at their village itself and are not uprooted in search of livelihood.

Over the 20 years of its operations the scope of Foundation’s involvement has grown many fold in both numbers of villages covered and scope of activities. It now consists of harvesting of water, for agriculture, for safe and sure drinking purposes, provision of water for the cattle, sanitation, improvement of agricultural practices and yields, encouraging farmers to adopt horticulture also, animal care with vaccination programs, setting up of centers for cattle feed distribution at fair prices, linkages for their produce and so on. All these are achieved through the active involvement, management and participation of beneficiaries themselves and with their continuous empowerment.

Credit for making the activities of the Foundation beneficial and far reaching goes to dedicated and sincere work of our fields’ staff at Kutchh & office staff at Mumbai. Qualified and experienced rural development, livestock, civil engineering and social workers live among the villagers in the field itself and work day and night to make this possible.

This report is an attempt to put in very brief work done over 20 years.

Your support and guidance in whichever way possible is solicited.

Contributions to the Foundation are approved under section 80G of The Indian Income Tax Act and Foreign Contributions Regulation Act.

Real India lives in its over 6 Lakhs villages and purpose of this report will be greatly achieved if it motivates more and more to undertake rural development activities in whatever area and scale possible.

Only when benefits of development reaches every village, and rural India shines the slogan “INDIA IS SHINING “ will become meaningful.

Message From the MD of the Group & The Trustee - SHRI CHETAN SHAH

At first I take the opportunity to wish all, who are associated in Ashapura Foundation for completing 20 years successfully. Kutchh region being highly earthquake, drought & cyclone prone, so cultural social & economical developments are always a hindrance. Ashapura Foundation took a step forward in rendering services to the people of Kutchh so as to keep the rich heritage intact, for the years to come.

In these years we have mainly concentrated on Water Harvesting, Agricultural Development, Animal Care, Promotion of Education, Relief & Rehabilitation, Women & Child Care and Rural Developments etc. Further, we wish to work seriously on employment related programmes, wherein we plan to organize good institution for the youngsters who aspire to make good marking in their professional career.

Ashapura Group has originated & blessed by the land of Kutchh & has grown high in terms of spreading its wings globally. We always feel honored, if we can reciprocate by rendering as much services as we can by promoting this state to international standard. In this way we can repay our debt to the soil & people of Kutchh. Though our efforts are modest but its truly satisfying at our hearts. There are many more exciting programmes in the pipeline & with efficient team of Ashapura Foundation,
which is led by Mr. Tushar Dedhia, we look forward in making Kutchh a nature’s paradise.

Fields of Activities

  • Water Harvesting
  • Agricultural Development
  • Animal Care
  • Promotion of Education
  • Empowerment of People
  • Women and Child Care
  • Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Promotion and Preservation of Culture