Message from The Chairman Of The Group And The Trustee -

I have great pleasure in putting before you, in very brief what ASHAPURA FOUNDATION has achieved in rural development during last 20 years.

I started industrial activity in Kutch district in the year 1965 with blessings of ‘Maa-Ashapura’ and adopting name Ashapura for my industry.

To repay debt to that region; Ashapura Foundation was established. The Foundation started it's activity around the year 1992. Since then the activities of the Foundation has increased many fold and it now touches almost all aspects of village life starting from water harvesting to promotion of agriculture, horticulture, care of animals, provision of safe and sure drinking water facilities, sanitation, preservation and promotion of education and improvement of educational facilities.

In my opinion the contribution of work done by this Foundation can not be judge only in terms of money spent. For appreciating and understanding of the useful work done by this Foundation, it is necessary to realize the real benefit that the beneficiaries of these have desired.

As you know, man can live individually, but can survive only collectively. Our collective efforts were the out come of the team work carried out under the leadership
of Mr. Tushar Dedhia –Executive Trustee, and whatever achievement we have made on this front is, because of his involvement and sincere efforts. I consider his services as most valuable to this Foundation and I dedicate my report to his honour.

We have in our own way try to reach benefits of development to as many villages as possible and have made life in villages more comfortable. The Foundation is committed to enhance scope of its activities both in no. of villages covered and areas of activities in years to come and we are all committed to this purpose.

Fields of Activities

  • Water Harvesting
  • Agricultural Development
  • Animal Care
  • Promotion of Education
  • Empowerment of People
  • Women and Child Care
  • Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Promotion and Preservation of Culture