Animal Care

Kutchh is perhaps the only region where the population of animals and cattle is more than the human beings. This is the region where large numbers of people depend on agriculture and animal husbandry for their livelihood. The cattle are the main source of income for these people, so they treasure these animals as their wealth. But the conditions of the cattle in this region is very critical which can be described in brief as follows:

Every drought year, many animals die due to shortage of basic necessity of life like, fodder and water.

Mitigation During Drought

Foundation take care of cattle in 14 villages of Lakhpat and Mandvi Taluka for the entire period up to next monsoon in drought during 5 years.
Total 3,045 M.Ton of fodder distributed to 10,151 animals for Rs. 11,57,000/-

Community Grass Development Programme

View of Community Grass Project

Ashapura Foundation has started community Grass Development Programme as a pilot project over 100 Acres of land covering 2 villages. This will feed 1,500 animals.

These are some of our field staff who have made all these activities possible :

Provision Of Drinking Water Facility For Animals

In order to provide drinking water facility to animals, Foundation has made 37 Cattle Trough having total water storage capacity of 1,95,000 Litres, which provides drinking water to 18,940 animals.

Animal Vaccination Camps

Large numbers of animals are suffering from foot and mouth diseases. To protect, Animal Vaccination Camps in the Lakhiyarvira village of Nakhatrana and Lakhpat Taluka organised and vaccinated more than
10,470 animals of 8 villages.

Service Station For Cattle Feed

Service Station for Cattle Feed has been started, to provide good quality grass fodder & other nutritious cattle feed for the animals, to the owners at wholesale rates. The Cattlefeed is available as and when required on all the days, at their doorstep and under their own management.

Summary for Animal Care

Sr. No Village Animal No. Disease Name No. of Diseases Cured Travelling Cost Medicine Cost Service Cost Total
1. 43 Cow-Buffalo 58 Madhedo,Melin Padvi,Horn Operation, Stomach pain,Gadsundho 58 2834 3757 2420 9011
Total   58 58 2834 3757 2420 9011

Summary for Animal Medical and Vacination Camp

Sr. No Type of Camp No. Of Camp Types of Disease found Animal No. Of Animal
1. Vaccination 28 Kharva, Mova, GadsuDho, Mandhedo, Vandhyatva Cow-Buffalo 6792
2 Vaccination & Anmal Care 10 Kharva, Mova, GadsuDho, D-Vimarg, Vandhyatva, MAndhedo Goat-Sheep 6589
Total 38   13381