Agriculture Development

Kutchh frequently faces droughts and other natural calamities. Farmers have limited equipments for agriculture. Due to poverty, agriculture has not improved or mechanized to the expected level.

Various problems faced by farmers are summarized as follows:

With a view to solve these problems, following activities are carried out by Ashapura Foundation

Distribution of Improved seeds to Farmers

Distributed government approved certified & improved varieties of 4194 kg of seeds to 2705 farmers covering 11,112 Acres of land.Total 98 Village are covered.Total Amount Rs. 7,85,000

Social Forestry & Environment Awareness

Social Forestry

Training & Tour Programmes

With the aim to make the farmers aware of scientific practices of modern agricultural improvements, the Training and Tour Programmes are organised. Many farmers have benefited from this training. They have been aware of scientific methods used within and outside the district or state.

Following tours have been organized :